Web Hosting

To have a web site on the Internet you first need to have a Web server. Unfortunately, owning a web server can be very costly and requires technical expertise that most business doesn't have, this is where web hosts come in, web-hosting companies provide the equipment and other technical resources that you need without the headaches that come when you have to do it yourself
Think of a web host as the landlord of building. A landlord rents out storefronts to various businesses. Each business decorates and runs their store differently, and doesn't worry about the maintenance of the building, in a similar way a web host rents out space on a web server, (or entire web servers), to various business. Each business builds his or her own web site and never has to worry about the maintenance of their web server.

In other words, the web host provides the place on the Internet where your web site lives. It's a lot cheaper than buying you own server, and you don't have to hire the technical staff to take care of it.

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